Over de Bergen

A very old woman stands on the Himalayas. While talking, she tries to find her way through the landscape. But is this really the Himalayas? She searches for words, images and memories, for something to hold on to, in God, love, and sausages. Her memory palace is crumbling. She is lost. It doesn’t matter: she loves to walk.


For “Over de Bergen” (Over the Mountains), produced by Theater Bellevue and Alles voor de Kunsten, Mart worked together with Annemarie Prins, the oldest actress still active in the Netherlands. Annemarie Prins developed the text for this performance herself: intrigued by the traces that a friend’s cerebral infarct left on her language and memory, she recorded her stories word for word in a winding, cheerful monologue.


“Over de Bergen” sings praises of the uncertain. Of the terrifying, joyous, dizzying experience getting lost. An invitation to the audience to be taken on a journey along erratic roads, inefficient and unpredictable. There is no GPS. It is highly questionable whether there is a destination.


The performance was received full of praise by the press: “Prince is now 91, but she still knows exactly how to play the audience. How to catch the light. And certainly her comic timing is flawless. Thanks to her, and Mart van Berckel’s direction, Over the Mountains never becomes a heavy performance.”